Folklore dances

Sri Lankan music is rooted in antique popular rituals and in Buddhist religious traditions besides being influenced by the near India and the influence derived from either military or commercial European colonization. Music is also combined with Ceylonese dances, which, through acrobatics, agility and symbolism tell popular stories from antique


Upon request and prior appointment the Resort puts at disposal for its clients a particularly qualified service dedicated to the cure of feet and hands with nail art.

Night entertainment

Shows of various arts, dancers, jugglers, etc, will be held in Alice’s garden. These shows will bring interest and pleasure in spending a night in the area with all advantages offered by the resort.

Sri Lanka by bicycle

Alice puts at guest’s disposal a mountain bike area which is the ideal means to visit the beauties found near the resort and also to make some healthy movement.

Live music

Twice a week from 20.30 to 23.30 in the resort’s garden. A date with the performances of local music bands that will know how to involve you with their rhythms and dances.

Make up

Always upon request and by appointment our clients can also ask for a full ”make-up and hair styling” service to be at their best in a particular evening or any other occasion.